Crater AP-450

Automatic Upcut Saw and Automatic Infeed
Crater AP-450
CRATER AP-450_1_2
Automatic Upcut Saw and Automatic Infeed Ø 450 mm

  • It has been designed for serial cutting of any kind of aluminium, hard plastic and similar materials at 90°
  • Equipped with Ø450 mm saw blade
  • Cutting and saw blade rising speed can be adjusted according to the material to be cut
  • The operator control panel is Touch Screen
  • Slicing, entering part quantity and programming are among faetures of this saw
  • Suitable for free (single) cutting
  • The cutting accuracy is ± 0.1 mm
  • The pressure of all clamps on the saw can be adjusted according to the material type. Thanks to this feature deformation of the cut material is avoided

Engine Power : 3.0 kW,4HP, 400V, 50-60 Hz
Sizes of Saw : D=450 mm,d=30-32 mm
Speed of Saw : 3000 r.p.m.
Sizes :
Total Weight :
Air Pressure : 6-8 Bar, 5lt/min

  • Conveyor
  • Ø 450 mm circular saw blade
  • Spray mist lubrication system
  • Air gun