Alya (Ø 305 mm)

Portable Miter Saw with Tilting Head
alyakesme diagramı
Portable Miter Saw with Tilting Head Ø 305 mm / 12''
Aluminyum Profil PVC Profil Ahşap Profil

Alya Portatif Yatarlı Gönye Kesme Makinası Katalog

  • Head can be tilted ta the left and fixed at 45°
  • Zero surface with na elevation difference ta prevent
    sawdust from entering
  • Cutting at standard angles and any intermediate angles
  • Made by special aluminium (sigma) profile support miter system
  • User friendly clamp. Can be tilted ta any direction,
    tightened with one move

Engine Power : 0,8kW,230V,50-60 HZ / 1,2kW 400V
Sizes of Saw : D=305 mm,d=30-32 mm
Speed of Saw : 3000 r.p.m.
Dimensions: 62x49x41 cm
Total Weight : 32 kg

  • 1 pc. mechanic clamp
  • 1 unit support

  • Saw blade
  • Additional profile in desired lenght
  • Clamp set
  • 3-Phase motor